Fred Armisen and Bill Hader’s fake band The Blue Jean Committee are releasing a real EP

Plus, watch the band "reunite" last night on Seth Meyers


Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Seth Meyers have teamed up for a new mockumentary/parody series called Documentary Now!. The first episode airs Thursday evening on IFC, but we’re already looking ahead to the season finale. Dubbed “Gentle & Soft: The Story of the Blue Jean Committee”, that episode will tell the story of The Blue Jean Committee, a ’70s band out of Northampton, Massachusetts featuring Armisen and Hader.

Culled from a Saturday Night Live sketch that originally included host Jason Segel, the fake band is described as a soft rock act that had a few “local hits.” As a tie-in with the TV show, their “songs” will be spread wide when Drag City releases a 12-inch EP called Catalina Breeze.

Due November 20th, the real EP features seven real songs and even features a custom etching on the B-side. Pre-orders for the release are going on now via Drag City.

To promote Catalina Breeze, the band “reunited” last night on Seth Meyers to perform that title track. You can watch that video below, followed by a preview of “Gentle & Soft” that focuses on Hader’s Clark character’s impossibly high falsetto.

Catalina Breeze EP Tracklist:
01. Catalina Breeze
02. Freeway Song
03. Gentle and Soft
04. Going Out to Hollywood
05. Mama You’re a Dancer
06. Mr. Fix It
07. Walking Shoes