Jacco Gardner covers Paul McCartney’s “Junk” — listen

CoSigned psych pop songwriter also tackles Traffic's "Paper Sun"


Jacco Gardner just released a new album, Hypnophobia, in April, but already he’s returned with two new studio recordings. As part of Aquarium Drunkard’s ongoing Lagniappe Sessions series, the CoSigned songwriter has offered up his own renditions of “Junk” by Paul McCartney and “Paper Sun” by Traffic.

While Gardner is known for piecing together psych pop gems, he’s taken a slightly different approach to both these covers, reimagining them as surreal, instrumental, synth-based arrangements. Listen to the two tracks over at Aquarium Drunkard.

Below, read his thoughts behind each version.

On “Junk”: 

“’Junk’ is a really great Paul song, one of his best I think. It has such good melodies, harmonies and chords that I couldn’t help but wonder what it would sound like if all instrumental and sung by synths. It was quite inspiring to figure out all the parts that make up this song and find out how great of a songwriter (and guitar player) Paul actually was. This one was a little more tricky because I don’t think the original could do with any improvement, but it was actually really fun to do a synth version. All the synth sounds were done on an ms20, including the drum sounds.”

On “Paper Sun”:

“Really nice melodies and a great structure. Lately I’m listening to a lot of those synth/soundtrack guys like Mort Garson, Johnny Harris, Claude Denjean, Perry & Kingsley etc, and it seemed like a cool idea to do a similar groovy slightly electronic instrumental version of a 60s song, like those guys would do. I really enjoyed working on it. Nicola (who plays drums on the new record) was able to lay down some drums.”