Lupe Fiasco drops surprise new mixtape Pharaoh Height — listen

Chicago MC goes in over Weeknd, Flying Lotus, and J Dilla beats


Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco has forged a unique path over his decade long career, building a small army of stans, occasionally putting his foot in his well-spoken mouth, and releasing several well received albums (most recently this year’s Tetsuo & Youth). He hasn’t waited long to get more content onto the web, today dropping a surprise six-track mixtape called Pharaoh Height.

The mixtape contains no features and two insanely dumb song titles — “In” and “Of” (and before you comment, I see the sequencing and I get what he’s going for but come on, maybe just come up with names for six songs?). Instead, Pharaoh Height finds Lupe repurposing beats from The Weeknd (“Kings”), Flying Lotus (“Pyramid”), and J Dilla (“Of”). His wordiness is as present as ever, so much so that he tries to fit “Fibonacci sequence” into a rap song, which is something that literally only Lupe Fiasco would even try.

Listen to and download Pharaoh Height below.

Lupe Fiasco - Pharaoh Height

Pharaoh Heigh Tracklist:
01. In (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3)
02. Valleys (Robert Glasper’s — J Dilla Interlude #2)
03. Of (J Dilla’s Donuts)
04. Kings (The Weeknd’s “King of the Fall”)
05. Pyramid (Flying Lotus’ “All In”)
06. Schemes