Oneohtrix Point Never talks to an alien and announces new album

Garden of Delete will melt the minds of his listeners come November


Photo by Andrew Strasser

Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, works in mysterious ways. Case in point: This morning, the experimental guru announced an assortment of upcoming projects through a strange PDF uploaded on his official site, which led to an equally strange blog featuring an interview between himself and an alien named Ezra.

Yeah, that mysterious.

Among the many exciting bits of news is word of a follow-up to 2013’s R Plus Seven, eerily titled Garden of Delete (“or G.O.D. for short”). “The record is finished,” he told Ezra in the curious Q&A. “I’ve spent most of the summer thinking about how I want to present it. I started writing in January, and wrapped up in July. It’ll be out in November.”

Update – Wednesday, August 19th: Garden of Delete will arrive on November 13th through Warp Records. Song titles include “Sticky Drama”, “Ezra”, “I Bite Through It”, “Animals”, and “Mutant Standard”. A video clip titled “flame” can be seen below.

In a statement, Lopatin said, “I originally intended on this project painting some troubled pictures of pop music, but as it emerged I realized it turned into a self-portrait.”

When asked if the new album could be described as either “cybermetal” or “hypergrunge,” Lopatin responded, saying:

“It’s somewhat influenced by cybernetic rock. I’m aware of the hypergrunge movement. When I went on tour with NIN, Reznor gave me the green light to attempt cyberdrone for Soundgarden audiences in broad daylight. By the time Soundgarden hit the stage their fans were exausted, often irritated. So that was interesting, however the whole thing had me questioning the effectiveness of cyberdrone beyond the Live Nation context.

“Tour ended and I spent time in Japan working on Manabu Namiki remixes and new songs by Anohni [Antony’s new project]. When I got back home I decided to get a Kronos and I would just write using that a lot. I also got a deck of T2 trading cards which I was using as a sort of tarot.”

Lopatin then goes on to reference several songs such as “Sticky Drama”, “I Bite Through It”, “Ezra”, and “Animals”, adding that he’ll release a short film for “Sticky Drama”. Really, if you have the time, it might behoove you to toss on Replica and sift through everything here, especially considering that the blog’s posts date back to 1994. So fucking grunge.

Speaking of which: