Patti Smith elegizes Aqua Teen Hunger Force with series finale song — listen

Long-running Adult Swim cartoon comes to as absurd an end as you'd hope for


After 15 years and a movie, Adult Swim’s absurdist cartoon series Aqua Teen Hunger Force is coming to an end. Over the years, the show has featured guest spots from musicians like Josh Homme, Mastodon, Flying Lotus, Killer Mike, and others. For its finale, legendary punk and poet Patti Smith sings an eloquent elegy aptly titled, “Aqua Teen Dream”.

“The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We ****ing Mean It)” airs this Sunday, August 23rd, at midnight. Smith’s elegy soundtracks the end of the episode, but fans can get an advanced listen below.

“Aqua Teen Dream” lyrics:
I never dreamed
I’d be an Aqua Teen
Thirteen seasons
What did it mean?
A Master Shake
Meatwad, a floating head
And now you’re dead
And it’s the end
Of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”
It’s the end
Of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”

(Note that Smith says “13 seasons,” though we’re pretty sure there were only 11. Maybe if you split the elongated season 2 into two parts, and count the 2007 movie as another one… Well, take it as you will.)