Production for Twin Peaks begins next month, David Lynch to film episodes as one continuous movie

Showtime hopes series will be ready by 2016

Twin Peaks

Filming for Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks will begin next month with David Lynch on board to direct every episode, the network has announced.

Creative differences with Showtime temporarily led Lynch to cease his involvement in the series. Reportedly, the issue stemmed over the number of episodes; Showtime initially announced plans for nine, but Lynch argued for double. Lynch ultimately got his way.

Showtime president David Nevins shared more details of the project during Showtime’s TCA executive session on Tuesday. According to Nevins, Lynch plans to film the series continuously as one long movie, which will then be cut into individual episodes in post production. The total number of episodes will be determined then.

Lynch himself is also handling the show’s casting. Beyond Kyle MacLachlan, no other actors have been announced, though Nevins added, “you should be optimistic that the people you want to be there will be there, in addition to some surprises.”

As for a premiere date, Nevins said 2017 remains most realistic, but he is not opposed to airing it sooner. “I’ll take it when it’s ready. I hope that’s sooner rather than later.”

Update – November 3rd: A CBS executive has confirmed that Twin Peaks will arrive in 2017.


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