Tom Hardy is a master at lip syncing

Mad Max mimics songs Wu-Tang Clan, The Beach Boys, Whitney Houston, Bee Gees, and more

Tom Hardy

Proof not all men are created equal: In addition to being one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, Tom Hardy is a masterful lip syncer.

As Elite Daily points out, Hardy has become a frequent user of lip sync app Dubsmash, posting videos of himself mimicking songs by Wu-Tang Clan, The Beach Boys, Whitney Houston, The Bee Gees, Simon and Garfunkel, and 50 Cent.

Might Mad Max be in contention for both an Oscar and a Grammy this year? Be the judge for yourself below.

Wu-Tang Clan:

The Beach Boys:

Whitney Houston:

The Bee Gees:

Simon and Garfunkel:

50 Cent: