Battles share jittery new track “FF Bada” — listen

The second studio cut from the forthcoming La Di Da Di


Battles return on September 18th with La Di Da Di, the anticipated follow-up to 2011’s Gloss DropThe experimental trio has performed a number of the new songs both live in concert and during in-studio sessions, but have thus far only shared the studio version of album opener “The Yabba”. Now, they’ve cut off another official slice of the LP with “FF Bada”.

Bass tiptoes across the opening bars of the track, sneaking into your ear as layer upon layer of guitars and snapping begin to build. Things get jittery once the drum beat comes skittering in, and suddenly all the instruments come stumbling in together. The booming synth sounds and jerky guitar movements at once seem haphazard and structurally supportive, like a group of giddily inebriated friends staggering towards the next adventure. Take a listen below.

La Di Da Di drops on September 18th via Warp Records.

La Di Da Di Tracklist: 
01. The Yabba
02. Dot Net
03. FF Bada
04. Summer Simmer
05. Cacio e Pepe
06. Non-Violence
07. Dot Com
08. Tyne Wear
09. Tricentennial
10. Megatouch
11. Flora > Fauna
12. Luu Le