Footage surfaces of Prince’s first “Purple Rain” performance circa 1983 — watch

A rare glimpse at the Purple One's momentous 1983 concert in Minneapolis

Prince doesn’t think too highly of our current musical landscape, noting that today’s musicians are lacking creativity. While it’s a bit of a sweeping statement, it’s hard not to see where the Purple Overlord of Funk is coming from. This is especially case when you revisit his own classic material, in particular this footage of him performing “Purple Rain” for the very first time at Minneapolis’ First Avenue in 1983.

A live recording from the show went on to be released as the third single from the Purple Rain album the following year, and is not only a good argument for the “stuff sounded better back in the day” believers, but is pretty much a piece of history all on its own. (A rare one, too, considering how Prince is so staunchly opposed to bootlegged content — uhh, remember that time he sued 22 fans for $22 million?). In a review, City Pages dubbed the set as Prince’s “sweatiest and most soulful hometown concert yet.”

Watch below while you can.

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For more recent Prince material, fans can stream his new album, HITNRUN, on TIDAL beginning September 7th.


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