Oneohtrix Point Never premieres new song “I Bite Through It” — listen

Daniel Lopatin channels his inner "psychotic clown" on latest taste of Garden of Delete, plus he reveals the album's tracklist and artwork


Photo by Andrew Strasser

Garden of Delete is the new album from Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, due out on November 13th through Warp Records. The LP spans 12 tracks and, unlike its predecessor R Plus Seven, sees the electronic musician venturing beyond his home recording aesthetic.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lopatin recounted how he worked out of a windowless studio in Brooklyn, “Maxell Tapes–guy style.” “I got into it … I had this dungeon reality and it was also kind of like I was uninhibited, like I would just get into the zone, work for like 17 hours,” he said. “I was just, like, tweaking out in this windowless room and it encouraged this rock vibe.”

Lopatin’s previously dropped teaser clips for the LP, but today we finally get a full song in the frenetic and temperamental “I Bite Through It”. Listen in below.

When asked what listeners ought to know about this new track, Lopatin answered:

“I want to make like three-minute songs, self-contained, kind of formally contrasting between what I regard as new electronic music that’s interesting and my need to rage. I’m exposed a lot to different, ‘cool’ underground music when I’m on tour in Europe, that I usually hate it all. And the underlying theme in a lot of that music, without throwing anybody under the bus, is there’s this ‘dread.’ But dread is affectively imprisoned in this one cliché that film uses all the time. Like if you watch True Detective or something, it sounds like a lot those dudes I see at festivals that are like … scary? I feel nothing from that stuff! I’m so dead! Dread to me is like the clown from It. It’s not like this foggy plume of black ink. Dread is a fucking psychotic, sour, yellow, bilious thing that gets under your skin and has a weird-ass voice. So, well, ‘How do I do that my style?’ How do I take the best aspects of contemporary electronic-music formalism: weird sample truncation and my editing style, and things that I’ve been developing, but then also make it feel like a little bit like, I don’t know, like a psychotic clown or something?”

Additionally, below find the newly revealed artwork and tracklist for Garden of Delete.

Garden of Delete Artwork:

oneohtrix point never garden of delete artwork Oneohtrix Point Never premieres new song I Bite Through It    listen

Garden of Delete Tracklist:
01. Intro
02. Ezra
04. Sticky Drama
05. SDFK
06. Mutant Standard
07. Child of Rage
08. Animals
09. I Bite Through It
10. Freaky Eyes
11. Lift
12. No Good