Stream: Asobi Seksu side-project Youth Worship’s new EP

James Hanna continues to find tenacity and woe with guitar fuzz


Asobi Seksu frontman James Hanna thrives on noise. Though that band remains on hiatus, he’s continued his onslaught of guitar fuzz and feedback with his side-project Youth Worship. Last year, he released the band’s debut EP, appropriately titled EP1, and followed it up this year with LP1. Continuing the alphanumeric trend, Youth Worship have now released another free EP called EP2. You can stream it in full below.

“This EP is a group of songs felt were a bit more melodic and vocal/lyric driven than the LP,” Hanna tells Consequence Of Sound. “The guitars are still fuzzy but where the idea of the LP was mostly to rock out, this EP, is a bit more subdued and there are even a few atmospheric guitar touches.”

The five-track effort breaches into the moodier territory Hanna ventured into with Asobi Seksu, but with an even harder edge. His trademark distortion fills every void on the record. Though he insists the band is not religious (“They firmly supports the dark arts and pledge their undying allegiance to the shadow lord,” according to a press release), the fuzz becomes a platform for Hanna to preach on. During “First World” he laments self-pity and the emergence of “first world problems”.  Elsewhere on “Comet Watcher” he laments stagnancy and small town glooming. It all culminates with the 18-minute epic, “Pillsbury Jam”, the slowly unthreads into a noise-rock opus. The EP is a mixture of increasingly escalating riffs and emotional woes.

EP2 Tracklist:
01. Falling Arrows
02. First World
03. Seethe
04. Comet Watcher
05. Pilsbury Jam