Stream: Beirut’s new album No No No

Frontman Zach Condon battles exhaustion, divorce, and more for album No. 4


Today brings the release of Beirut’s new album, No No No, on September 11th via 4AD. Spotify users can stream the LP in its entirety below.

The follow-up to 2011’s well-received The Rip Tide materialized after a troubling two years for frontman Zach Condon. Fighting severe exhaustion, dealing with a messy divorce, and worn out from three years touring the world, Condon was admitted to an Australian hospital in late 2013. He canceled the band’s tour, and retreated to his Williamsburg home. “For the first time in my life, I was facing extreme self doubt,” Condon said in a press release. “I had hit rock bottom.”

Thankfully, the love of a good woman and a summer escape to Turkey rejuvenated him. When he returned to Brooklyn to begin writing new music, however, he hit a wall. He would produce entire albums worth of songs, only to trash them because the melodies weren’t right. He took a new approach and started from scratch in the fall of 2014 with his bandmates, bassist Paul Collins and drummer Nick Petree. Together, they wrote the songs that would become the new LP, and over two of the coldest, snowiest weeks in New York City history, they recorded No No No.

According to the press statement, the new songs are more stripped down than previous works, with Condon abandoning “the more obscure instruments for which he was initially known.”

Purchase the album here.

No No No Tracklist:
01. Gibraltar
02. No No No
03. At Once
04. August Holland
05. As Needed
06. Perth
07. Pacheco
08. Fener
09. So Allowed