The cast of The Warriors returns to Coney Island for fan-organized event

Thirty-six years later, Brooklyn's baddest gang makes one last ride on the Q train


In 1979, director Walter Hill knocked out American audiences with his gritty film about New York City street gangs. Based on Sol Yurick’s novel-of-the-same-name, the film was an overnight success upon its release, grossing $3.5 million across 670 screens despite advance screenings of promotional campaigns. However, the public notoriety was short-lived, as the film was deemed too violent and subsequently pulled from the screens.

Thirty-six years later, The Warriors has become one of the most beloved cult classics of all time.

Recently, a massive fan movement sparked a reunion amongst the film’s principal cast members, who all came together at their Coney Island home turf for a celebration of the red-leathered cuts. Lead Warrior Michael Beck (Swan), his mentor Doresy Wright (Cleon), David Harris (Cochise), Terry Michos (Vermin) and Thomas G. Waites (Fox) were joined by a number of extras and stuntmen to commemorate the classic Bronx-to-Brooklyn love story.

Rolling Stone was on hand for the September 13th event, and they’ve now released footage of the actors making their final ride on the infamous Q train down to Coney Island. RS also spoke to local fans, some of whom carry on The Warriors’ legacy by forming social clubs that wear the name and signature style of the cult heroes. Check out all the clips below.

The Last Q Ride:

The Legacy Survives:

The Fans:

The Cult Classic: