The Five Most Sold Out Tours of September

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As August comes to a close, we enter the home stretch of the major festival and tour season. While there’s still much to come, a certain urgency begins to bubble below the surface of these shows. They become last chances to see favorite acts before they hibernate—or sail to Ibiza—or whatever it is famous musicians do in their off time.

So, with a little help from our friends at SeatGeek, we’ve marked the occasion by compiling the most sold out tours for the coming month. This list is determined not only by the frequency of a sell out, but by the premiums these tickets demand. Some of the results may surprise you; others, likely will not.

5. Leon Bridges


Photo by Amanda Koellner

The 50’s throwback sound that catapulted Leon Bridges to mini-stardom has created a ticket purchasing furor. Although the Forth Worth native is playing notably smaller venues then the rest of this list, his ticket premiums are averaging near three times face value via most secondary markets.

4. A$AP Rocky


Photo by Philip Cosores

At.Long.Last.A$AP and the tour behind it have made waves this Summer. A$AP Rocky’s average ticket goes for more than twice the face value.

3. Ed Sheeran


Photo by Philip Cosores

Ed Sheeran’s meteoric rise over the past five years has come with a cost to fans, and that cost is an average of $130 a night.

2. Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl. Is there any more lovable rockstar? Trolling the Westborough Baptist Church, inviting fans on stage, playing with a broken leg—it’s all part of his charm. That charm has led the Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways tour to be the second most in demand tour at the moment.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Beck St Vincent

Surprised? Probably not. Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour has been a smashing success charging an average of $289 per ticket.