Twin Limb hasn’t exactly played out the way founders Lacey Guthrie and Maryliz Bender intended, but that might be a good thing. While working on their first full-length effort together, the duo brought on producer Kevin Ratterman to help out. Instead of just shaping the record, however, Ratterman quickly became an fundamental part of Twin Limb’s sound and was added as a full-timer.

With a new lineup came new sonic experiences, and suddenly working through an LP didn’t seem to do the now-trio justice. Instead, they put that work on hold and launched into the creation of their debut EP, Anything Is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense. The November 13th release allowed them to explore what Twin Limb as it exists now, and they’re giving an early peek of that with the EP’s lead single, “Don’t Even Think”.

“Don’t Even Think” showcases an almost psychedelic, pining indie neo-folk sound that bleeds out slowly drawn accordion and trudging drums. Ratterman’s contribution is readily evident under the ladies’ lush vocal layering, his heaving electronics rumbling up from beneath like an eruption on the verge. A relatively still number is given a rush of life as the music subtly builds on itself, pushing upward into a mystifying space that seems to hover just above Earth.

According to Guthrie, the track has been with the band since its inception, but wasn’t ready until Ratterman came on. “‘Don’t Even Think’ is one of the first songs we played as Twin Limb,” she explains to Consequence of Sound. “It’s stuck with us through the changes we’ve made, and has transformed countless times. This recording feels right, like the song finally has the voice it’s always deserved.”

Take a listen below.