Youth Lagoon reveals new song “Rotten Human” — listen

Trevor Powers faces the ugliness within on the latest cut off Savage Hills Ballroom


It’s not everyday that we’re able to look in the mirror and poke and pry at our own demons — it takes an especially strong person to do such deeply unpleasant soul searching. Trevor Powers, aka Youth Lagoon, takes on that challenge today on “Rotten Human”, the latest song off his forthcoming LP, Savage Hills Ballroom.

Dusty beats are relegated to the background as Powers cracks his lungs and ribs wide open, his vocals and inner self exposed for all to see. “Throughout the process of writing this album — about two years — I’ve gone on this spiritual journey to learn more about myself and my faults and all this stuff that I’ve tended ignore for a really long time,” Powers said of the track in an interview with Nerdist.

“It’s so much easier to go through each day and forget the previous day or forget the hurtful things you said to someone or whatever it might be, just the shitty parts of your life. This song is addressing that. It’s really examining what it is that makes me who I am, and what parts of that are disgusting.”

Listen in below.

Savage Hills Ballroom, the follow-up to 2013’s Wondrous Bughousearrives on September 25th via Fat Possum. For more, hear “The Knower” and “Highway Patrol Stun Gun”.

Savage Hills Ballroom Tracklist:
01. Officer Telephone
02. Highway Patrol Stun Gun
03. The Knower
04. No One Can Tell
05. Doll’s Estate
06. Rotten Human
07. Kerry
08. Again
09. Free Me
10. X-Ray