Chris Cornell and his 11-year-old daughter cover Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” — watch

Toni Cornell joins her father for a touching father-daughter moment

Photo​ ​via Twitter/@Suziemay212

Chris Cornell has been known to bust out a cover of Bob Marley’s iconic “Redemption Song” every now and then, but the version he performed Monday evening in New York City may go down as his greatest. Really, it had nothing to do with the Soundgarden singer, except for his genetics.

After telling a story about how his daughter once sang the song in front of her entire school, Cornell welcomed the 11-year-old up on stage to do it again for the Beacon Theater audience. This was no simple nepotistic desire to show of his offspring, though, as little Toni can sing. Sure, she doesn’t have her father’s warm rumble, but she’s got impressive pipes in her own right. Just listen to her cool harmonies and those pro-level breaks on the high notes. And that’s not even talking about the nerves to get up in front of a packed theater! Check it out below.


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