Odd Future “reunion” turns to chaos as Tyler and Hodgy Beats publicly feud

"Tyler is a fraud. He turned his back on niggas that never crossed him."

Tyler the Creator Odd Future

Photo by Philip Cosores

The 2015 edition of Camp Flog Gnaw promised the live return of Odd Future just months after members of the hip-hop collective indicated they had broken up. But once the set began, it quickly became apparent that this was anything but an Odd Future reunion. Figurehead Tyler, the Creator was noticeably absent, despite being scheduled to play a solo set a short time later. As were Earl Sweatshirt and several other members of the collective. Instead, the performance primarily featured Mike G, Domo Genesis, and Hodgy Beats.

It was during Hodgy’s turn that things took a turn for the worst, as the MC publicly lashed out against the stage manager and ranted about people changed by fame. Several fans took it to mean Hodgy was talking about Tyler, which the rapper confirmed on Twitter a short time later. “Think about who built the name OF together as a unit. If it wasn’t for OF where would Tyler be?”

In a subsequent Instagram post, Hodgy wrote, “Call me jealous. Just don’t call my phone. Tyler is a fraud. He turned his back on niggas that never crossed him and I’m not just speaking for myself only… Where Earl go? I know he had no part in the carnival.” He added, “This is a business. Remember that all you see is only brought to your eyes. I know everything that goes on in the background and I respect him enough not to blast that. Just know a young nigga changing faces.”

During his own set at Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler seemed to address Hodgy’s comments. “Niggas got me fucked up. I put too many niggas on. I helped too many of my motherfucking friends out. And niggas gonna come foul? And you know who the fuck I’m talking about nigga. And yes, it’s getting real. I love you though.”

Update – 4:20 p.m.: Tyler and Hodgy appear to have squashed their beef, as evidenced by the below Instagram video.

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