LANY share steamy new song “Kiss” — listen

LA outfit embrace their sensuality with upcoming Make Out EP


Finding the balance between sensuality and mystery in music is a very delicate process. Some seem born with the right skill set, like the almighty Prince, effortlessly blending their melodies with the right amounts of desperation and longing. Now, a group of friends from Los Angeles-via-Nashville are tapping into that same rare talent, performing under the name LANY.

The band asserted their casanova prowess when they emerged with a litany of synthpop ballads and dance floor jams in 2014, culminating earlier this year with the release of their steamy debut EP, I Loved You. Their infectious grooves and intoxicating attitudes led to opening slots on tours with the likes of Twin Shadow and Halsey. Now, they’ve put together another collection of tracks for a new EP, Make Out, due December 11th.

Their latest single, “Kiss”, embodies the band’s ethos. Heartbeat drums thud underneath swooning keyboards. Frontman Paul Klein lets each word ooze and linger in the air, passionately describing the sun going down. But the narrative quickly changes as we learn that his lover has inexplicably left. Instead of wallowing, Klein quickly regroups and shows off his bravado as he delivers lines like, “You’re gonna miss my lips.” He battles heartache with confidence and sounds good doing it.

Listen in below.


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