Prince Rama announce new album, Xtreme Now, share “Bahia” — listen

Brooklyn synth-pop seeks to create extreme sports genre with their latest release


The story behind Prince Rama’s latest album reads like a Stefan skit on Saturday Night Live. You can almost hear him giving the recap, “This new Prince Rama album has everything. Near death experiences, viking ruins, extreme sports, and parachutes that open up to reveal a picture of the Mona Lisa.” Yet this isn’t Stefan’s faux-underground New York; these are Prince Rama’s real-life visions.

The story starts while the two sisters were living on a remote island in Estonia. While exploring an ancient viking ruin, Taraka Larson had a near death experience that left her with time-schizophrenia. This condition gave her the sensation of existing in multiple timelines simultaneously, feeling like she was in both the medieval ages and 2067. What she saw was a future filled with energy drink sponsored museums and extreme sports being upheld as art. Recognizing the divide between modern music and these death-defying feats, it was then that she and her sister Nimai began work on their world’s first extreme sports genre album, Xtreme Now, out March 4th via Carpark Records.

Our first taste of this future-music comes with their single, “Bahia”. The song is a major twist on the adrenaline junkie aesthetic; synthesizers blare over drum pads as Taraka does a airy call-in-response with screwed vocals. This isn’t the soundtrack to the X Games; it’s an introduction to Prince Rama’s prophesied future.

“‘Bahia’ kick-starts the album with an ominously saccharine invitation to enter into a lost italo-disco Edenic paradise performed by a pseudo-duet between male and female robot-nymphs (both secretly sung by me),” Taraka states in a press release.

Listen in below.

Xtreme Now Tracklist:
01. Bahia
02. Your Life In The End
03. Now Is The Time Of Emotion
04. Slip Into Nevermore
05. Fake Til You Feel
06. Believe In Something Fun
07. Xtreme Now Energy
08. Fantasy
09. Sochi
10. Would You Die To Be Adored
11. Shitopia