After suffering stroke, Nardwuar the Human Serviette returns with new Ty Segall interview — watch

Beloved Canadian journalist recently underwent PFO closure surgery

Back in December, wacky and beloved Canadian music journalist Nardwuar the Human Serviette suffered a stroke and was subsequently hospitalized. Just a month after the medical emergency, Nardwuar is back on his feet doing what he does best, as he’s just premiered a brand new interview with Ty Segall.

The interview went down January 22nd at Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre, just three days before Nardwuar underwent a PFO closure surgery. (The procedure, according to this video he shared, involves piping a catheter through a vein in the thigh up into the heart and using umbrella technology to close a hole between two of the heart’s chambers. Freakin’ science, man.) He and Segall discuss past influences, his forays into black metal music, and his early bands with frequent collaborators Mikal Cronin and Charles Moothart.

It’s encouraging and comforting to see the iconic interviewer, duffer cap and all, return so seamlessly to the game after suffering such a frightening incident. Doot doo, indeed. Check out the video below.


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