FACES: Kanye West

A polarizing look at a beautiful, dark, twisted artist -- or maybe just a jerk

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FACES is Consequence of Sound’s literary magazine. Each volume focuses on an artist whose scope of creativity and cultural impact defies simple categorization. Through a blend of original artwork and a variety of writings, we hope to both shed light upon and celebrate the artists who continually inspire us to put pen to paper.

I just don’t like Kanye West.

However, if you make your living slinging and editing e-ink, you can’t put the man on ignore — not this week. Kanye (because we’re apparently on a first-name basis) keeps the roof over the CoS office. That’s a fact, Walt Disney. And what’s worse, a lot of my colleagues under that roof are obsessive Yeezy (because he’s a grown man) fans living in an annoying, vigilant tweet-to-tweet bliss waiting for The Life of Pablo (wouldn’t get too comfy, Pablo — ask Waves and SWISH) to drop on Thursday.

Never has FACES featured a more polarizing artist, and we’re all dealing with our adoration or Ye-tred in different ways. Collin Brennan turned to poetry, Claire Sevigny looked at West as a Jekyll and Hyde figure, Kevin McMahon learned to embrace being a hypocrite, and Danielle Janota crisscrossed Paris trying to track Kanye down.

Me? I went on a Twitter rant last night to my slightly less than 18.5 million followers:

Love him or hate him, at least for a couple more days, it’s going to be near impossible to escape him. So, while you’re busy embracing or enduring, enjoy FACES: Kanye West. He’s one beautiful, dark, twisted artist — or maybe just a jerk.

Eh, I feel another Twitter rant coming on.

–Matt Melis
Senior Editor

[**Editor’s Note: These pieces were commissioned and drafted last year when rumors had it the next Kanye album was getting ready to drop. You have not accidentally traveled back in time — not to our knowledge anyway.]

Table of Contents:
— The Motherfucking Monster by Claire Sevigny … Page 2
— God Complex, a poem by Collin Brennan … Page 3
— Looking for Jesus by Danielle Janota … Page 4
— Embracing Hypocrisy and the Future of Yeezus … Page 5

Original artwork by Consequence of Sound Art Director Cap Blackard, Assistant Art Director Steven Fiche, Jacob Livengood, and Dmitri Jackson. Their work can be purchased in a variety of formats by clicking the links throughout this issue.

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