Prince Rama share uplifting new song “Your Life In the End” — listen

Brooklyn duo show us what a church rave would sound like


Prince Rama are gearing up to release Xtreme Now next month. The album’s 11 tracks play out like a warped journey through various eras, past and future, as it was written after a near-death incident left band member Taraka Larson with time-schizophrenia.

On the duo’s latest offering “Your Life In the End”, not only are differing time periods juxtaposed, but genres as well. “‘Your Life In The End’ is a triumphant ‘Rama-goes-gospel’ fist-pumping anthem, with sparkly church-rave pianos and tear-jerking melodies that would make Primal Scream fall to their knees,” a press release describes. The song features additional vocals from members of the local Bed-Stuy Baptist church near where Prince Rama reside.

Stream it below.

Xtreme Now hits shelves on March 4th through Carpark Records. For more, check out “Bahia”, “Slip Into Nevermore”, and “Now is the Time of Emotion”.

Xtreme Now Tracklist:
01. Bahia
02. Your Life In the End
03. Now Is the Time of Emotion
04. Slip Into Nevermore
05. Fake Til You Feel
06. Believe In Something Fun
07. Xtreme Now Energy
08. Fantasy
09. Sochi
10. Would You Die To Be Adored
11. Shitopia