Darkside’s Dave Harrington announces debut solo album, shares title track “Become Alive” — listen

Dave Harrington Group bursts out of the gate with nearly 10 minutes of improvised jazz

Dave Harrington Group

Multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington has announce the impending release of Become Alive, the debut album from the Dave Harrington Group.

Recorded alongside his “favorite musicians and closest friends,” the album looks to be quite a departure from Harrington’s work alongside Nicolas Jaar in electronic duo Darkside. Harrington, who has already shown off his eclectic tastes in Darkside’s unique blend of disco, techno, prog rock, looks toward a different inspiration as a solo artist: the late-’60s and early-’70s jazz records he listened to growing up.

So much is apparent on the album’s title track, “Become Alive”. Harrington’s jazz training and skills as an improvisor are apparent throughout the nearly 10-minute song, which finds an undulating guitar track interacting with sounds both organic and electronically manipulated. Listen below.

Become Alive will be released April 15th via Other People.

Become Alive Tracklist:
01. White Heat
02. Slides
03. The Prophet
04. Cities of the Red Night
05. Steels
06. Become Alive
07. Spectrum
08. All I Can Do