HEIDEMANN premiere throbbing new single “Last Chance” — listen

The Juan MacLean affiliate previews her upcoming Detectives EP

Photo by Danielle Quintanilla

There’s a chameleonic quality to New York-based musician Monika Heidemann. Not only is she a team player, singing and commanding multiple instruments as part of The Juan MacLean’s live band, but she is also a team captain of sorts, leading her solo project under the name HEIDEMANN.

While both projects share a devotion to the dance floor, Heidemann’s original material is clearly stamped with her identity — there’s a warmth, sensuality, and vulnerableness all her own. Case in point: “Last Chance”, the latest single off her forthcoming Detectives EP.

“I see your eyes move with me, so what’s it all for?” Heidemann asks over a dueling DFA-esque mix of bright synths and heavy bass. The Big Apple artist knows how to use her voice as more than just a deliverer of words (she used to front local synthpop outfit Xylos after all), and here she sounds light as a feather despite carrying much sentimental weight. “I know this is my last chance/ to move my body through this dance.”

Stream it below.

HEIDEMANN’s Detectives EP lands in stores on April 8th through Vienna’s Fabrique Records. For more, check out “Well Well” and “I’m So In Love” featuring The Juan MacLean bandmate and LCD Soundsystem member Nancy Whang; pre-order it here.

Detectives Artwork:


Detectives Tracklist:
01. Last Chance
02. I’m So In Love feat. Nancy Whang
03. Well Well
04. My Pet
05. Last Chance (The Juan MacLean remix)


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