Jimi Charles Moody gets bluesy on new single “Turns to Gold” — listen

A bold, bluesy slice of the Southwest from ... the UK?!

Jimi Charles Moody isn’t totally forthcoming with his biographical information, but we do know that the bluesy singer-songwriter is from the UK. Which is funny, because his latest single “Turns to Gold” is on some kind of cowboy kick. The song breaks down the door with a guitar riff that’s straight out of some middle-of-nowhere Texas bar, practically dripping with the sweat of a long day spent bulldogging at the ranch. In case you aren’t great at reading between the lines, this song is a lot of damn fun.

Just don’t expect the rest of Moody’s forthcoming record to be quite so freewheelin’. The follow-up to his debut EP, Islington, won’t shy away from the more heartbreaking aspects of the blues. “’Turns to Gold’ is the only positive song about love on my record,” the mystery man explains. “It’s not, however, anything to do with any of my own experiences. I wrote it for a friend.” Sure, buddy, that’s what they all say. For now, we’ll just take this bad boy for what it is: a big, ass-kicking slice of the Southwest from a place we’d least expect it. Yee-haw.

“Turns to Gold” Single Artwork:



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