JOME shares sweeping synthpop debut “Brushstroke” — listen

LA artist recorded his first track in the woods of Northern California

Musicians must have some kind of strange fascination with the woods, because that’s where they always seem to head when they’re in search of inspiration. Los Angeles-based pop artist JOME joined in this long tradition when he retreated to the forests of Northern California to record his debut song, “Brushstroke”. There’s an impressionistic element to the sweeping synthpop track, something beautiful and fragile and hard to pin down. JOME’s sound may not be entirely organic, but nature has certainly worked its way into his songwriting.

Talking about the recording process behind “Brushstroke”, JOME sounds more like an anthropologist than an artist. “Creating the song was like an excavation,” he reflects, “I was interested in digging up textures and rhythms that fit together like bones.” More than anything, he wanted to make something that would stand the test of time — “A song you can wrap your hands around and hold,” in his words.

Listen in to “Brushstroke” below.


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