Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, and Nicole Kidman to star in Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled

A remake of Don Siegel's Clint Eastwood Civil War period drama

Photo by Heather Kaplan

It’s been three years since Sofia Coppola’s glamorous crime drama The Bling Ring. Now, following a long and winding road that once involved a pit stop with The Little Mermaid, the filmmaker has found her next project: a star-studded remake of Don Siegel’s Clint Eastwood-starring 1971 Civil War-set romance, The Beguiled.

Featuring Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Kidman, and Elle Fanning, Coppola’s film will offer a facelift on Thomas P. Cullinan’s Southern Gothic novel, which followed a Yankee soldier who’s rescued by a young student at a female boarding school in Louisiana. Dunst will play a teacher, Kidman the Headmaster, and Fanning as a student.

No word yet on who will star as the male lead, though producers are hoping to find someone along the lines of Chris Pratt. If they’re looking for suggestions, might we add Jack Reynor, Wyatt Russell, or Glen Powell to the mix? All would be acceptable substitutions for the Guardians of the Galaxy hunk. We’ll just have to see.

The Beguiled will serve as Coppola’s first remake, though she’s certainly flexed her muscles with stunning adaptations, from Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides to her historical interpretation on Marie Antoinette. Speaking of which, how many want to bet this historical drama will have one sick indie soundtrack?

One can only hope.


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