Leaked song may have revealed Walking Dead season six finale

A simple choice of song offers interesting theories on who may die next

Note: Spoilers throughout this post. 

Whether it’s the fiery demise of Hershel’s farm or the Governor’s bloody attack on the prison, AMC’s The Walking Dead always packs its season finales with zombie guts, plot twists, and, of course, the killing off of beloved fan favorites.

As the end of Season Six draws closer, theories regarding who’s getting axed next have been floating about. Perhaps it will be Carol, who’s shown a softer side in recent episodes? Or Carl, who’s escaped death one too many times since the show’s debut?

A few theories in particular have caught the attention of fans, and they all stem from what is reportedly a song that will play during the season finale. Uproxx reader Samuel Quentin has pointed out that multiple sources, including AMC’s talk show The Talking Dead, have indicated “This Ain’t the End” by Maya Lavelle has been licensed to pop up somewhere in season six’s final episode, which is due to air on April 3rd.

As Quentin notes, breaking down the track’s lyrics yields two interesting possibilities for the next cast member death, likely at the hands of soon-to-be revealed villain Negan:

The “Daryl will die” Camp believe that Emily Kinney will make a reappearance and possibly do a cover of this song, appearing as a vision to Daryl and welcoming him to join her. Lyrics like “I’m in the garden, drinking bourbon” suggest this and the fact that Emily was spotted on set.

The “Glenn will die” Camp believe that these are the words of Maggie, “We are family” and “Our legacy will never die” – referring to the baby. A lot of times the theme of “Children are our future” are touched upon especially during the last episode.

If you’ll recall, The Walking Dead had fans believe Glenn had been killed off earlier in season six. It ain’t the end for everyone on the show, but perhaps the speedy pizza delivery guy may finally meet his maker in the finale.

Below, check out the song/lyrics of “This Ain’t the End”:



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