Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts share new song “Strangers” — listen

Son of Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen goes his own way with a light, lived-in bit of guitar pop

The first line in Miles Nielsen’s bio has to mention that he’s the son of Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, he of the flipped-up ball cap and five-neck guitar. That’s a fine legacy to have in your back pocket, but don’t expect Miles to mimic his dad’s showmanship or catch a ride on his checkerboard coattails. With his band The Rusted Hearts, Nielsen has found a style of music that suits him even better than ‘70s power pop. It’s warm, lived-in, and just a little bit rootsy — think early Wilco with an extra dose of pep in its step.

The band’s new single, “Strangers”, even throws some horns into the mix, the brass playing off a crisp lead guitar to create a light, breezy melody that pairs nicely with a springtime morning. Nielsen’s lyrics mention the radio as early as the first verse, and in a just world, that’s exactly where a song like “Strangers” would be headed. The vocal harmonies alone make this a must-listen for fans of Fleetwood Mac and, oh, what the hell, Cheap Trick.

Nielsen and his Rusted Hearts will release their third LP, Heavy Metal on April 29th via Rotown Records (pre-orders are ongoing). Listen in to “Strangers” below.

Heavy Metal Album Artwork:


Heavy Metal Track List:

1. Heavy Metal
2. Is This Life
3. Simple Times
4. Tongue Tied
5. Honey Bee
6. Strangers
7. This Is Love
8. Sarah
9. Preacher Man
10. Shine Your Light


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