Neon Indian DJs a bonkers dance party in video for “Techno Clique” — watch

Not even the Heimlich maneuver can stop the music

It’s hard to escape the danceable vibes of “Techno Clique” off the latest record from Neon IndianVEGA INTL. Night School. The standout track’s grooves are so undeniable that even if you were choking on a piece of fresh cooked brisket, you’d still be bopping to the beat. In fact, even if you were witnessing someone choke on party meats, you’d be swinging your hips as you screamed for help. And when help finally arrived, the paramedics would perform the Heimlich maneuver to the rhythm.

Essentially, that’s what goes down in the video for “Techno Clique”. Alan Palomo is DJing a party for an odd cast of characters, but his dark hooks drag the festivities into strange and dangerous directions. Directed by Derrick Beckles (aka TV Carnage), check out the clip below.


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