Parakeet share sunny alt pop song “Summer Apathy” — listen

Yuck and The History of Apple Pie side project preps its debut LP

When Mariko Doi of Yuck and James Thomas of The History of Apple Pie got together to form Parakeet, they sought to create a raucous, thrashing punk band. It turned out that they were better at coating their noise in more of an alt pop patina, however. That’s what put them on the map with 2012’s Shonen Hearts EP, an effort that gained them buzzing popularity abroad in Japan and their UK home. Two EPs later, they’ve continued to refine their sound — one that’s both unabashedly loud and sugary fun — and will unleash it in all of its glory on their debut LP, KASA, due April 22nd via Lunar Ruins.

Following lead single “Sugar Rush”, the duo has returned with a new track called “Summer Apathy”. As the title suggests, the track isn’t as lighthearted as the previous release, but the intricate guitar and bass work still manages to warm the cockles of your heart. With crunchy lines that point just slightly down at your shoes, the song encapsulates all the shine of a glorious summer day right alongside the too-cool sand of a lonely summer’s eve. Or, as the band puts it, “All the instruments are woven like a herringbone. It’s an ultimate heartbreak song.”

Take a listen below.


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