People’s Blues of Richmond share new song “Quit or Die” — listen

Blues-psych power trio goes all in on empowering anthem

“Compromise is suicide,” screams Tim Beavers II on his band’s latest prog-punk anthem, “Quit or Die”. The guitarist/vocalist of People’s Blues of Richmond knows a thing or two about compromising. He and his bandmates haven’t taken any half measures in their hard-touring life as a trio, approaching their music with the relentless determination of men with nothing left to lose. Clocking in at a brisk 95 seconds, “Quit or Die” depends on sharp melodies and upbeat guitar riffs to get its point across.

And what is that point, exactly? “I’ve struggled with addiction for years,” explains Beavers. “I wanted to write this song to remind myself and anyone else listening that when your drug use becomes habitual and beyond your control … you have to stop lying to yourself. You have to start fighting for yourself.” The message of “Quit or Die” is so important to the band that they named their forthcoming album after it. Quit or Die will be released on June 10th, and the title track comes across like a warning shot: Take this band seriously, or miss hearing what vital guitar rock sounds like in 2016.


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