Robin Wright is in final talks to appear in the Blade Runner sequel

House of Cards star will join Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in the sci-fi film

House of Cards star Robin Wright is in final talks to appear in the sequel to Blade Runner. The Alcon Entertainment project has already landed two other stars in Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, but Wright has claimed the first of three major female roles, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Wright’s name has been attached to the project for weeks, but her commitments to House of Cards held up negotiations. Not only does Wright star as Claire Underwood in the award-winning political drama, but she has directed seven episodes and served as executive producer of season four. Wright is also currently slated to star alongside Gal Gadot in Warner Bros.’ forthcoming Wonder Woman.

Other details surrounding the Blade Runner sequel have begun to emerge as well. We know that the sci-fi project will be directed by Denis Villeneuve (Sicario) from a script written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green. Fancher, who co-wrote the 1982 original, is said to have worked off an idea he formulated with director Ridley Scott. The story supposedly takes place several decades after the first film, with Ford returning as expert Blade Runner Rick Deckard.

Principal photography for the sci-fi project is scheduled to begin in July.


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