Stream: Bob Mould’s new album Patch the Sky

Hüsker Dü legend returns with his catchiest solo effort to date

On March 25th, Bob Mould will release his new album, Patch the Sky, via Merge Records. In anticipation, the LP is streaming in its entirety below.

The follow-up to 2014’s Beauty & Ruin serves as the Hüsker Dü legend’s 12th solo effort overall. Recorded alongside drummer Jon Wurster and bassist Jason Narducy, the LP is said to be a “triumph of opposing forces and properties” from “the master of balancing personal darkness with melodic brightness,” according to a press release.

In his review of the album, Zack Ruskin writes,

“In the notes accompanying the record, Mould explains that Patch the Sky is his darkest album, but also ‘the catchiest one.’ It’s true. Even as Mould sings of hallucinations and final conversations, there is an undeniable sonic exuberance shining through. Mould seems fully aware of the contrast, embracing it with lyrics like “in this sun you cannot breathe” on ‘Losing Sleep’ and “I keep searching, hoping, waiting for the sun that always shines so bright on everyone” on closer ‘Monument’. Patch the Sky is, in essence, the battles of a dark man born in a bright world, a place where the cobwebs of the past seem to constantly obstruct his passage to the welcoming arms of the future.”

Patch the Sky is preceded by the songs “Voices In My Head” and “The End of Things”.

Pre-orders for the album are ongoing. As part of this year’s Record Store Day (April 16th), Merge Records will be releasing a zine documenting Mould’s iconic career. The zine will contain photos, artwork, an essay from Michael Azerrad, and music from a 2014 radio session.

Patch the Sky Tracklist:
01. Voices In My Head
02. The End of Things
03. Hold On
04. You Say You
05. Losing Sleep
06. Pray For Rain
07. Lucifer And God
08. Daddy’s Favorite
09. Hands Are Tied
10. Black Confetti
11. Losing Time
12. Monument


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