Trevor Sensor beautifully covers Bruce Cockburn’s “Pacing the Cage” — watch

Classic folk number is given captivating new spin on Illinois singer's debut EP

Folk music is one of the few timeless art forms. Rock, rap, electronic music — they all go through phases and transitions, and while folk isn’t immune to similar cycles, the core of the sound exists purely throughout the ages. Bruce Cockburn’s classic “Pacing the Cage” is just the type of song that transcends eras, its haunting poetry ringing just as beautiful 20 years after its release. Leave it to rising voice in the next generation of Americana artists to find a way to elevate the track even higher.

Illinois’ Trevor Sensor has the sort of nasally, burred voice that could work no where other than folk, but there it works in stunningly captivating ways, sitting somewhere between Tallest Man on Earth and John McCauley. Though just 22-years-old, his take on “Pacing the Cage” adds decades to the Cockburn’s weary, hopeful lyricism. Sensor takes to the piano for his cover as opposed to the original guitar, giving it a heart-rousing strain that’s just impossible to achieve on six strings.

Sensor’s version of “Pacing the Cage” can be found on his forthcoming debut EP, Texas Girls and Jesus Christ, due out March 25th. Check it out via the Ben Whitmer-directed performance video below.

If you’re as blown away by Sensor’s voice and style as we are, make sure to check out the Texas Girls and Jesus Christ title track here.


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