Ty Segall, as an evil baby, performs “California Hills” on Conan — watch

Prolific garage rocker continues to promote Emotional Mugger in the strangest of ways

Instead of the usual rounds of media interviews and press pushes, Ty Segall has been promoting his latest album Emotional Mugger via bizarre and even downright frightening late-night performances. In February, the prolific garage rocker put on clown makeup and scared the shit out of Stephen Colbert; then, last month, he dressed up as a satanic baby during an appearance on a random local Chicago news show.

Segall continued the strange affairs last night on Conan, reprising the devilish baby persona for a brash performance of album cut “California Hills”. Youth wasn’t on the side of his bandmates in the Muggers, however — they were dressed like old geezers. Catch the replay below.


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