10 LCD Soundsystem Songs We Want to Hear on Their 2016 Tour

James Murphy and co. would be wise to dig deep into their archives

Like it or not, LCD Soundsystem are back together. The road to get here was tumultuous, full of false starts, long-winded apologies, and Christmas blues. Nevertheless, thousands of fans are going to make pilgrimages to nearby festivals to catch the second life of James Murphy and his band. And why shouldn’t they? There are plenty of reasons why LCD were one of the most beloved bands of the ‘00s, but the main one was simply how explosive and captivating their live performances were.

Whether they were playing festival evenings, four-hour farewells, or small, packed clubs, they always put on a hell of a show. Murphy will forever be the face of the band, but when they’re all together — Nancy Whang, Pat Mahoney, Gavin Russom, Tyler Pope, et al. —  they’re an electrifying force. In the years before EDM blew up, LCD were one of the few bands who could whip up a mosh-pit out of a 10-minute dance track. Sure, Murphy’s sarcasm was an acquired taste, but the intensity was palpable.

With a string of festival dates and one-offs ahead, millions of fans will either relive lost memories or make up new ones. Already, the band’s played three warm-up shows, and they’re about to take on two weekends at Coachella. We know they’re going to play “Dance Yrself Clean”, “All My Friends”, and “Yeah”, but how about the deep cuts, B-sides, and other fan favorites? In anticipation, we put together an eclectic list of 10 tracks we’d really, really like to hear this summer.

–David Sackllah
Staff Writer



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