Carlos Santana is trying to convince Steve Perry to reunite with Journey

"If Santana can do Santana IV ... there's a chemistry between Neal [Schon] and Steve Perry"

Steve Perry

Carlos Santana has reformed Santana’s classic lineup, reuniting with guitarist Neil Schon, keyboard player/vocalist Gregg Rolie, percussionist Michael Carabello, and drummer Michael Shrieve after nearly 45 years apart. Santana is currently touring America accompanied by another famous rock group: Journey.

The two bands have been tied at the hip from the very beginning. Following Santana’s initial demise in 1972, Schon and Rolie founded Journey. But whereas Santana is back together with all its principal members, there is one noticeable figure missing from Journey’s touring lineup: Steve Perry.

In a new interview with Q104.3, Carlos Santana said Santana’s reunion is proof that Perry and Schnon can also get along, and he’s actively trying to convince the Journey frontman to make a musical comeback. “I dream of Neal and I going to Fresno and talking to Steve Perry,” Santana explained. “If Santana can do Santana IV … there’s a chemistry between Neal and Steve Perry.”

Perry quit Journey in 1998, partially due to health issues including a bad hip and arthritis. However, in 2014, he joined Eels on stage for three shows, during which he sang Journey songs “Open Arms”, “Lovin’, Touchin’, “Squeezin'”, and “Lights”. Then, in December 2015, Perry revealed plans for a solo album.

Watch Steve Perry perform “Open Arms” with Journey in 1982 along with footage of his onstage appearance with Eels in 2014.


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