Courtney Love got too drunk and was kicked out of Guns N’ Roses Coachella afterparty

Axl and Slash weren't the only '90s rockers waxing nostalgic on Saturday night


’90s rockers everywhere are reliving their glory days as of late; Axl and Slash reunited, as have Billy and James.

Courtney Love, too, is feeling a bit nostalgic.

As Page Six reports, the Hole frontwoman attended Guns N’ Roses’ post-Coachella afterparty on Saturday night and proceeded to party like it was 1994. “She was literally falling over. It just became a little too sloppy, noted a Page Six source, who added that she was eventually booted from the party. “She wasn’t coherent at all.”

Then again, given Love’s previous run-in with Axl Rose, it’s a miracle she was even invited in the first place.


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