David Brent is back in the Life on the Road trailer – watch

Ricky Gervais revives his classic Office character for a rock mockumentary

Get ready for a new helping of the kind of comedy/excessive physical discomfort that Ricky Gervais delivers better than just about any other comedian working today. A trailer has been released for David Brent: Life on the Road, which sees the caustic Brit reviving his modern-classic performance from the original BBC iteration of The Office.

The film will continue in the mockumentary tradition of the series, but with a new focus. According to the BBC, via The Hollywood Reporter,  “We find out what Brent is doing now and what’s happened in the last 15 years since his redundancy from his beloved Wernham Hogg. He’s a sales rep now, selling cleaning products up and down the country, but has never really give up on his dream of being a rock star … He thinks it’ll be like [Martin] Scorsese filming The Rolling Stones, but it turns out to be a ‘where are they now’ documentary. He has to take a few weeks off work and cash in a couple of pensions, because the session musicians in the band are costing him more than he’s getting in ticket sales. Tragic.”

As potential hybrids of Walk Hard and The Trip go, Life on the Road sounds endlessly promising. There’s always been a little bit of David Brent in every character Gervais has played since, and an argument could certainly be made that he’s never done it better.

The film will hit British theaters in August, but no U.S. date has been announced (so far). But expect to see it Stateside sooner or later, and in the meantime, check out the film’s expectedly awkward trailer.

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