A blimp drone pulled a Hindenburg and crashed into the crowd of Muse’s concert in London

The UK rockers' latest album became all too real in London last night

Muse drones

Photo by David Brendan Hall

Muse’s latest album Drones was written around the idea that “the world is run by drones utilizing drones to turn us all into drones.” That concept became all too real when, during the band’s concert in London last night, a giant blimp drone operated by Muse’s crew accidentally crashed into the crowd. Thankfully, no fans were injured and the flying gadget was promptly removed from the O2 Arena.

Watch fan-caught footage of the incident below.


As IGN points out, this is not the first time one of Muse’s flying machines has crash landed into the audience. During a recent gig in Detroit, one of the choreographed drone spheres that circle the band’s stage unexpectedly plummeted to the ground.

Moral of the story? It’s probably not the greatest idea to fly actual drones above a space packed with actual human beings.


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