Fleet Foxes are “definitely” getting back together

After a five-year hiatus, Seattle folk rockers are readying their return

It’s been five years since Fleet Foxes put out their stellar sophomore album, Helplessness Blues. In 2014, frontman Robin Pecknold explained that the band’s radio silence was partially attributed to his desire to go back to school and get his degree from Columbia University.

Today, however, brings promising news that Fleet Foxes’ hiatus may finally be coming to an end. In a new profile by DISTINCT (via Reddit), a website dedicated to highlighting “extraordinary creatives,” vocalist/guitarist Christian Wargo revealed that he and Pecknold discussed the idea of getting Fleet Foxes back together during a recent Joanna Newsom show in Los Angeles. (Pecknold served as the opening act on Newsom’s spring tour.)

“It’s not, like, ‘announced’ or anything, and none of us really knew it was coming, but it’s happening,” assured Wargo, who also spends his time as a woodworker and illustrator. “Possibly unofficially at this stage, but it’s definitely a thing.”

While Fleet Foxes as a whole have remained inactive since Helplessness Blues, Pecknold has contributed to a few musical projects, notably an off-Broadway play and a supergroup featuring members of Beach House and Grizzly Bear.

Below, revisit a pair of tracks off Helplessness Blues:


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