Johnny Depp is no Bart Simpson, apologizes to all of Australia in somber hostage video

Depp's wife Amber Heard pled guilty to illegally bringing dogs into the country

Johnny Depp

In the latest example of The Simpsons emulating real-life events, Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard have been forced to apologize to the country of Australia.

On Monday, Heard pled guilty to illegally bringing her two pet dogs into Australia during an April 2015 visit. Heard acknowledged to a Southport Magistrates Court in Queensland that she failed to report the Yorkshire terriers to custom officials, thus violating quarantine laws. She blamed exhaustion and sleep-deprivation, as well as the fact she arrived in a private plane, but nevertheless accepted responsibility.

Heard faced up to two years in jail as well as a hefty fine. However, prosecutors agreed to drop the more serious charges if she recorded a video apology to the country.

Depp accompanied his wife in the video, but chose not to pull a Bart Simpson. Which was probably for the best.

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