Lady Bones premiere sludgy new song “Ice Cream” — listen

Boston three-piece preview its forthcoming Terse EP

Boston three-piece Lady Bones aren’t ones to spill their guts and be so forthcoming about their pain and vulnerabilities. Instead, like so many of us who have been hurt or betrayed, they cover up what aches inside, ensheathing them in their brand of knotty, chunky indie rock as well as clever metaphors and puns.

We saw Sean Gilston (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Jackson (bass), and Egon Ryan (drums) use this mode of catharsis on their debut album Dying. Now, less than a year later, they’re expanding on that process on a new EP called Terse.

Due out April 29th via Midnight Werewolf Records, the six-track collection is previewed this week with “Ice Cream”. Similar to a multi-scooped sundae, the song is made up of many parts. Its arrangements pile on muddy grunge, dizzying noise-rock, and even Built to Spill-like indie flavors, while the lyrics hint that a bitter aftertaste lurks behind the saccharine title.

“Mercy I scream but you don’t hear me/ I cry uncle again/ the pain is sinking in/ baited by the hook/ it pierced a hole that you mistook,” Gilston howls. In a statement to Consequence of Sound, he discussed the track’s meaning:

“‘Ice Cream’ is a song about internalizing grief and the effect that can have on a person. The obvious play on words “ice cream and I scream” plays into the contrast between the softer melodies but harsher lyrical content in the song.”

Stream it below.

Terse is available for pre-order here.

Terse Artwork:

lady bones cover

Terse Tracklist:
01. Weight
02. Ice Cream
03. Horror
04. Age
05. Don’t Call Me Sassy
06. Cough

Lady Bones 2016 Tour Dates:
04/17 – New Haven, CT @ Fish House
04/18 – SUNy New Paltz
04/19 – State College, Penn State
04/20 – Columbia, OH @ TBA
04/21 – Chicago, IL @ Quencher’s Saloon
04/22 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Rey Mysterios
04/23 – Detroit, MI @ Kelly’s
04/24 – Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place
04/25 – Syracuse, NY @ Wescott Ballroom
04/29 – Boston, MA @ ER Boston
04/30 – Philadelphia, PA @ Nico Nico
05/05 – Montreal, QC @ Turbo Haus
05/06 – Toronto, ON @ Faith/Void
05/07 – Winooski, VT @ Appearances


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