Mad Anthony release new road song “Fall Apart” — listen

The latest in the Cincinnati trio's 52-song weekly series -- that's once a week for a year, folks

It takes a certain type of insanity to be a touring musician. For one, you’re opting to share your most intimate and personal feelings and stories with potentially millions of strangers. For another, you’re on the road for huge chunks of time, away from family and friends, bleeding yourself dry for your art. Take all that into account, and calling yourself Mad Anthony seems to make a lot of sense.

But the Cincinnati trio operating under that moniker are crazier than most; their latest project is releasing a new song every week for a year. The latest installment in the 52-track series, “Fall Apart”, packs all the madness of being a rock band — the wrenching emotional candor, the grueling hours — into what the band calls an “atypical ‘tour song’.”

“Instead of writing about missing home and loved ones, it’s about the awkward and anxious moments when you come home and don’t feel like yourself,” the band explains to Consequence of Sound. “Things and people have changed while you were away, maybe you have too; regardless the connection isn’t the same. When people ask, ‘How was tour?’ you want to tell them about all the great people you met and things you saw, but instead you just say, ‘It was good.'”

“Fall Asleep” is a slouching rock number, heavy with the same weight of the road one imagines a band would feel after weeks on tour. Although there’s a bit of relief in the chorus, it comes at the cost of being so spent that you simply give in. “It’s harder than I ever thought it would be/ Everything I feel just feels the same,” goes the refrain. “I’m running out of stories I can tell/ Anyone can speak for me they all know me so well.”

Take a listen below.

For more of what how Mad Anthony’s mad experiment is playing out, check out one of their March releases, “Tell Me You Love Me”.


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