Miike Snow remix Peter Bjorn and John’s new single “Breakin’ Point” — listen

Swedish brethren team up on new version of the title track from PBJ's forthcoming album

2016 might as well bear the subtitle “Return of the Swedes”. Peter Bjorn and John are just a few weeks away from their first album in five years, Breakin’ Point, and Miike Snow just broke their own four-year dry spell with their new record, iii. With both Stockholm-based bands starting up again, it was only a matter of time before the two outfits crossed paths. Today, it’s finally happened as Miike Snow has shared a remix of PB&J’s latest single.

The title track to Breakin’ Point is a disarmingly uplifting number, built on striding production, cheerful whistling, and a rousing gang chorus. In the hands of the Miike Snow gents, however, the murkier undercurrent swells heavier. Their remix of “Breakin’ Point” is a glitchy, reverberating mass of music, danceable yet slightly unnerving, especially during the chorus when the harmonies melt away and one booming voice is left alone on the track.

“We’re so happy the Miike Snow guys wanted to remix ‘Breakin’ Point’,” Bjorn Yttling tells Consequence of Sound about the new version. “We share the same studio (Ingrid) in Stockholm and both recorded for our new albums here, so it was exciting to hear their take on our song. You cannot go wrong with robotic midi jazzed up backing vocal and a fluttering moog bass can you? Ka-ching!”

Take a listen above.

Breakin’ Point is due out on June 10th via PB&J’s own INGRID imprint.


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