Mondo to reissue Aliens soundtrack on “xenomorph blood-filled” vinyl

#shutupandtakemymoney #shutupandtakemymoney

Everyone who’s anyone knows that Mondo has a storied history of turning vinyl into must-have shiny objects. (Read about it all here.) But this time, they might have outdone themselves.

In celebration of next week’s Alien Day, Austin’s own pop culture wunderkinds have put together a mah-velous reissue of James Horner’s 1986 score to Aliens. Um, check it out:

Yeah, that’s xenomorph blood, man. Want some? You’ll have to be stop grinnin’ and drop your linen next Tuesday, April 26th at 11 am CST when the company puts the sucker on sale.

Did we mention they’re limited to 75? Good luck.


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