My Morning Jacket share remixed and remastered version of “One Big Holiday” — listen

The band's biggest and baddest song gets even bigger and badder

For My Morning Jacket’s forthcoming reissue of It Still Moves, frontman Jim James revisited the original masters to remix the 2003 album as originally intended. Aided by Wax Fang’s Kevin Ratterman and with Bob Ludwig helming the remaster, the new mix adds “an increased strength and clarity” to the “shimmering grandeur” of MMJ’s third LP, as a press release puts it. If the new versions of “Mahgeetah” and “Golden” didn’t prove that statement, James’ reimagining of “One Big Holiday” shows just how powerful this deluxe reissue will be.

“One Big Holiday” is already the band’s biggest songs. It’s the expected set closer, and lent its name both to MMJ’s destination festival and 2011 concert doc. With this revised version, however, it’s bigger than ever. Everything sits crisper and higher than it did 13 years ago, with an extra focus on James’ work. His guitar rides taller above Patrick Hallahan’s soul-shaking drums, and his vocals soar farther than before. You might even notice Danny Cash’s keyboard work on the track for what feels like the first time. Really, it sounds like witnessing My Morning Jacket destroying “One Big Holiday” live in a huge, indoor venue with the best sound mixing ever.

Take a listen above, and grab the four-LP/two-CD deluxe reissue of It Still Moves on May 27th. Pre-orders are going on here.


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