Niagara Falls turned purple the day of Prince’s death

Coincidental or not, it's a tribute to the Purple One

There are forces in this world whose power stretches beyond our mortal comprehension. Those forces seem to have descended upon Niagara Falls, which will be illuminated in purple this evening in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday Prince’s death at the age of 57.

In a Twitter post this afternoon, Canadian travel account @CanoeTravel revealed a photograph of the majestic Falls illuminated in purple. The account incorrectly stated that Elizabeth’s birthday is the reason for the tribute, as clearly some mystical power has conspired to turn Mother Nature purple to commemorate the late, legendary Prince.

With literally thousands of Prince tributes pouring in from all corners of the world, it’s good to see Niagara Falls doing its part to pay homage to one of the most brilliant, prolific artists humanity has ever known, who was found dead at his Paisley Park Estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota, this morning.


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